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Hannah Cao is a barista, reader, writer and artist based in Dresden, Germany. Her writing has appeared online on her personal Instagram as well as her poetry collection Seashore, published in February 2020 with Kindle Direct Publishing. Her debut contemporary novel, Cafe At 46 Old Street, will be published in November of 2021. She is currently drafting her second novel as well as working towards her dream of owning her independent coffee shop and book store in Berlin. Her writing space is a) her desk in her living room, b) her bed, and c) any coffee shop with a window seat. 

After discovering her creative side intensely while living and working in London, she has sought out to create a visual space for fellow writers and poets online while sharing her own poetry and prose. On her main social platform on Instagram, she posts her writing, behind-the-scenes, life snippets in photographs, film roll finds and stills from her favourite movies. 

She is the Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly poetry zine The Latte Edit, a project come to life with the help
of fellow poets and writers online, speaking their voice and sharing their work. (Currently on HIATUS.)


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