Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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Drafting      The Pham Girls

Drafting     I Hope I’m On My Way Somewhere

Soon           As Long As We’re Here     

2021            Cafe at 46 Old Street

2019            Seashore


Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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IARA Press


2021        Cafe at 46 Old Street
2019        Seashore


Write a piece every day for the month of August.

How it works:

1. Write a poem
The event is centred around poetry given the limited posts on Instagram, but other types of short form writing like flash fiction or prose are also welcome. You can use the prompts as they are for inspiration but they’re not a most.

2. Post it on Instagram
Screenshot a word doc, take a photo of your handwritten piece, take a video reading your piece aloud, etc… the means are up to you.

3. Don't forget the hashtag
Make sure you hashtag your work using #augustories #augustories 2022 so your pieces are easy to find and share!

Please remember that AUGUSTORIES is about reminiscing and challenging yourself and having fun with writing – don’t be down on yourself if you skip some prompts or participate on one day and leave out all the others. No pressure. Have fun!

Prompts coming in July. 

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