Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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Drafting      The Pham Girls

Drafting     I Hope I’m On My Way Somewhere

Soon           As Long As We’re Here     

2021            Cafe at 46 Old Street

2019            Seashore


Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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IARA Press


2021        Cafe at 46 Old Street
2019        Seashore

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge submission fees?

Do you accept submissions?
I do accept submissions for quarterly poetry anthologies and themed poetry anthologies and full chapbooks and manuscripts. Please check here about current projects.

Where do the profits go?
The profits made from the sales are going straight back into developing the project. That includes the website and the work that I love putting into this project in my free time.

Do I keep my work’s rights?
I never print pieces without your permission and the author is always credited.

Are there any rules?
Plagiarism is a no-go. It always comes out. Please read the guidelines before submitting.

Do you reply to everyone?
It might take some time, but yes, always.

How can I support this project without money?
Thank you for wanting to support this project! You could:
  • share posts with your friends
  • recommend new poets for me to print (tag In A Room Alone Press or send messages with their handles)
  • interact with posts
  • leave reviews on Goodreads or Amazon if you get a free give-away copy.

Can you help me publish my poetry book?
Yes! I accept chapbooks and manuscripts, read here.

Will there be a contract?
Yes, to protect your rights!

Do you pay your poets?
Unfortunately all the money goes straight back into the project because as of now, not much profit is made at all. Artists shouldn’t work for free, though, so they will get free e-book versions of anthologies they are part of.

Can I still publish my work elsewhere?
Please do keep in mind though that you will sign a contract with me that gives me permission to print the poems. If afterwards, you happen to work with a publisher that demands exclusive rights, changes to the already published books will be impossible to make.

If I want to take back something I wrote before publication, will I be able to?
Yes, always. I will not steal your work nor publish anything without your permission. You can retrieve anything you wrote anytime. Please be advised that I cannot do anything past publication. If you are unsure, please let me know before publication and we can delay it until you are sure.