Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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Drafting      The Pham Girls

Drafting     I Hope I’m On My Way Somewhere

Soon           As Long As We’re Here     

2021            Cafe at 46 Old Street

2019            Seashore


Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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IARA Press


2021        Cafe at 46 Old Street
2019        Seashore

IARA – Guidelines

Please read the guidelines for a submission to In A Room Alone Press below before submitting.

Please use the form or this email for your submissions.

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Please don’t forget your name or nickname you would like me to use, your e-mail so I can reply, and your Instagram handle or other social media link.

Please submit your poems in one single document (doc, pages or pdf), but I need each poem on a separate page (add page breaks).

Send in your poems as text, not in a photo.

Please do not send multiple separate submissions at the same time.

There is no minimum or maximum word count.

You always keep your rights, you will always be free to post your piece somewhere else.

The same poet can appear in the Seasonal issues twice, but you can submit as much and often as you like to the themed anthologies.

If you don’t include a title to your piece, it will be given the title “Untitled”.

I will not change your piece without your permission. I will be proof-reading for grammar and spelling, and I will be changing American English to British English for consistency.

Please note that submissions are not guaranteed to be published. I will get in touch with you.

Please be advised I currently work by myself in this small press, and it will take time for me to get back to you, but sooner or later I definitely will be in touch.