Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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Drafting      The Pham Girls

Drafting     I Hope I’m On My Way Somewhere

Soon           As Long As We’re Here     

2021            Cafe at 46 Old Street

2019            Seashore


Hannah Cao

English poet, novelist
Based in Dresden, Germany

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IARA Press


2021        Cafe at 46 Old Street
2019        Seashore

In A Room Alone Press


IARA is an independent press founded by author Hannah Cao, based in Germany. She partners with other artists, writers and creatives to develop and carry out projects that push underrepresented voices and cultures forward.

Through the experiences of diverse cultures in her lifetime and those of her surrounding, it has become crucial for Hannah and her partners to continue to broaden their perception without confining themselves to a single standard.





Augustories 2022

Write a poem / piece of prose / flash fiction every day in august

AUGUSTORIES is about challenging yourself in a dreamy month — rekindling your passion for prose, storytelling and poetry if you're in a rut.

Prompts & rules coming July 2022. 

Tags to be used—
#augustories #augustories2022

I’ll be sharing and reposting poems by participating folks during the actual event!

See you in july x



DYAD – Open for submission

A dyad refers to a pair of persons in an interactional situation. For example, a patient and therapist, a daughter and their mother, a person and their partner, a girl and her stepfather, etc.

I am looking for poems and short prose about any type of relationship in your life that you cherish or which you mourn, or maybe one that you wish for.

Please read the guidelines and FAQs before you submit.



New indie press alert

Growing up, I constantly felt like a shapeshifter, moving between different cultures that shaped my being and life.

Living in a world where everything foreign seems underrepresented, I seek to explore the quieter voices. The voices with less than a stage.

With you, dear reader or creative, I hope to build a community where we can push cultures forward, and amplify foreign voices.

This indie press is in its beginning stages, so I operate on my own so far. I take this project seriously so there are a lot of things I’m planning and organising around here.

From my desk or a coffee shop seat, I do research and brainstorm ideas for new projects. In a room alone, I write, and read what others have on their minds. In a room alone, I let those voices sound, and I pay attention.

Stick around for future projects-where everyone and anyone can take part in, for free.