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Short Bio

Hannah Cao is a Vietnamese poet and novelist, currently based in Dresden, Germany. She is most likely sat in the window seat of a sleepy coffee shop, her nose rooted in either a book or her laptop. You can find her on Twitter @capuletsbirdie or check out her website at hannahcao.co.uk.

Longer bio

Hannah Cao works as a barista by day and writes novels at night. Born in Germany and raised by her Vietnamese family, she now lives with her plants in her creative hub in Dresden. She has always been drawn to spending as much time as possible with her nose rooted in a book and writing stories in her bedroom instead of doing homework. More popularly known as @capuletsbirdie online, Hannah has sought out to create a dreamy visual space for fellow writers and poets online while sharing her own work. Seashore is her poetry collection in collaboration with artist Ngoc Anh Phan. Cafe At 46 Old Street is her debut novel. You can find her on Twitter @capuletsbirdie or check out her website at hannahcao.co.uk.

Long bio

Hannah Cao is the author of the poetry collection SEASHORE and forthcoming New Adult contemporary novel CAFE AT 46 OLD STREET. She’s a passionate advocate for representation in literature and media and a digital content creator for fellow aspiring poets and writers online.

Hannah is of Vietnamese descent and born and raised in a small town in Germany, where she grew up trilingual in German, English, and Vietnamese, having little to do besides burying her nose in a book or writing into her diary. She was encouraged by her English tutors to keep writing short stories in English and won her first Creative Writing in English Award in her hometown at fifteen years old.

She graduated from a Dresden college with a BA in International Tourism and Event Management and is currently learning to become a barista. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys reading, cinematography, photography, singing and dancing (badly, and in private intimacy of her flat), and collecting postcards to make her place pretty. She now lives in Dresden, Germany.

www.hannahcao.co.uk • @capuletsbirdie

Photos for download

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︎ Seashore book cover

︎ Cafe At 46 Old Street Paperback cover

︎ Cafe At 46 Old Street Hardback cover

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