Hannah Cao




  1. Seashore
  2. Café at 46 Old Street
  3. The Evening Party



Hannah Cao is a poet and writer based in Dresden, Germany. 

She’s the author of a contemporary novel (Café at 46 Old Street) and a poetry collection (Seashore).

Pulling inspiration from her personal adventures growing up between different cultures and homes, falling in love, battling mental health, and dealing with loss along the way, she now fuels her writing with topics of identity, belonging and the complexity of interpersonal relationships.

She is currently working on her second poetry collection (The Evening Party), and drafting an Asian dark fantasy trilogy (Persona, Stigma, Trivia), as well as a contemporary novel (Ante Meridiem).

Hannah loves her ordinary life as a barista by day and a writer by night. She is working towards her dream of one day owning her own bookstore café. She also founded and runs In A Room Alone Press to realise her own and other independent writers’ publishing dreams.

Instagram: @capuletsbirdie

TikTok: @capuletsbirdie